Honey Butter Muffin with Chicken

Honey Butter Muffin with Chicken

Here is the recipe that both adults and kids will enjoy!  I know that cooking food from scratch is what everyone loves, but what if you’re in a rush?  This is an easy recipe to win everyones’ heart and stomach. 😉  If you have a sweet tooth and love chicken, you want the sweet meal that will fill you right and very easy to make then try this!

I present to you my “Honey Butter Muffin with Chicken.”  You will bake that sweet honey butter biscuit in the muffin tray or cupcake tray, so it will look like those cute muffins that you would eat for dessert but this one can be like a main course that combines with dessert. 🙂  You can choose to add both BBQ sauce and Pasta sauce or choose to add only one of them.  It is up to you!  I love the combination of them both and the cheese gives the right flavor.

honey butter muffin with chicken

This is a pic of some ingredients to cook this easy recipe. 🙂 It does not require too many ingredients and if you can’t find those cheese then do not worry.  You can substitute with cheddar cheese.


And this is how you mold it before you stuff the other ingredients into the biscuit.  Now you can transform your biscuit into a muffin! 😉


Here it is! Fresh out of the oven and smells so good!   If you’re looking for something easy and convenient then please give it a try! 🙂  Nice and soft muffins topped with small pieces of chicken breast, robust BBQ sauce, red pasta sauce, and don’t forget the cheese!   It is too good to forget! 🙂

honey butter muffin 2

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