Hello everyone, welcome to my food blog Yummy Life Amy!  My name is Aimuchana Shepherd but you can call me Amy.  I was born in Thailand and grew up from there.  I have had great life with my family, and my mother is my inspiration to cook because all her food is very delicious and she is so talented!  She doesn’t need a cooking class, she told me that she learns everything by watching my grandmother in the kitchen.  So I always watched my mom cook as well when I was in Thailand, but I still didn’t get to cook so much food until I have moved to live in Texas, USA with my husband.  This is the time that I thought to myself that I need to cook for my loved ones since my mother is far away from me.  I have to learn to do things by myself and that is when the love for cooking has begun!  At first, I didn’t really enjoy it much because I thought I would not be able to create new recipes on my own even though my husband can cook some food but I’d prefer to learn things by myself.

Although, I have been doing wrong so many times but each time it has improved my skill.  Because of my personality that I love to do thing without rules and limitations, I enjoy adapting the recipes into the new creative recipes that no one has ever done before.  Most of the time I would like to share my recipes with my friends and my neighbors, and of course I do have some secret recipes that I have never shared yet.  Perhaps I will in the future.

Living in the USA has given me a new experience, new friends, new life, and I have got to learn how to cook new food!  I love cooking Thai food because I love hot and spicy.  Now that I live in the USA, I have to try something new which is fun for me.  New things are always challenging.  Even though I have been staying in the USA for over 3 years now but I always keep in contact with my family from Thailand, and to let them know the good news that I can cook!  Yes, I can cook many kinds of food now such as Italian food, Thai food, Chinese food, Japanese food, Indian food , etc..  They are very happy to hear that my husband is always pleased with the meals I cook for him.

I’m very grateful that I have such a loving family teaching me to be a happy and creative person.  I have become like a food artist right now and I never thought that I could be one.  Big thanks to my husband for putting up with all my mistakes when I failed at cooking something.  I used to be scared to cook and to try something new but now I’m not scared anymore because I know why I cook.  I cook for reasons, I cook for the one I loved, I cook for people to be happy, and I cook for myself to be happy.  If cooking brings out the happiness then why shouldn’t I continue this?  That is the reason why my husband and me have made this blog for you to share the happy recipes from my table to your table.  I hope you guys will enjoy this love and happiness I have given to you through this blog.  Feel free to let other people know about us as well, we would be very appreciative!

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