Hi everyone!  If you love garlic bread sticks but you don’t want to go buy one or you want the cheaper alternatives then you can make easy one at home with me! Here is your easy recipe for garlic cheese bread sticks that you will fall in love with the first bite and I mean it! Your kitchen will have the cheese and garlic aroma everywhere that will make you want to taste it, and you can make this easy recipe from your white bread slices.  We also add the shrimp too because I think the shrimp goes really well with this garlic cheese bread stick, the combination of shrimp  butter, garlic and cheese will be so perfect!  In any case that you don’t like the shrimp, you can omit that.

garlic cheese bread sticks 1

Here is the pic of all ingredients required to make this easy bread stick, if you don’t have Cilantro then you can substitute with dried Italian herb that would work too!  And as you can see I have cooked the shrimp and chopped them as shown in the pic.  These ingredients can be found and bought from any store.

garlic cheese bread sticks 2

You simply need to have white bread and you can cut it as shown in the pic.  This recipe can be your appetizer, snack or main course for family, party or event.  Both adults and kids would enjoy this recipe as much as I do because it’s so easy and doesn’t take too much time plus it has all carbohydrate, protein and vitamins so it is not just a regular appetizer. 🙂

bread sticks cut

I have made this recipe many time and not just the shrimp that can be used.  You can also use the other type of meat such as pork, beef, chicken, etc.   The pic below will show you two types of bread sticks that I have made in the past.  The first one is spicy garlic bread sticks with shrimp!   Without the cilantro and cheese!  Still very yummy 😉

shrimp bread sticks

And this dish below is the toast with fried ground pork and I cut it in square shape.   the recipe is the same for that dish just use pork instead of shrimp and omit the cheese and there you have it.

bread sticks with pork

You can serve this with any dipping sauce you like such as ketchup, Sriracha, chili sauce, ranch, etc.   I myself love dipping this bread sticks with Sriracha because you know I love spicy food!

dipping break sticks

Try this recipe and please let me know what you think!  I’m sure you can impress anyone with these lovely bread sticks made from white bread that you normally have at home. 🙂  You can adjust the taste the way you like and feel free to share this to the one you love because this one is all for you garlic bread sticks fans! 🙂