How to Start a Food Blog

Starting your own food blog can be a very enjoyable and a profitable way to spend your extra time.  Now, its easier than ever to start your own blog!

I have put together this below step-by-step guide to tell you how to start your own food blog today!

Step 1: Registering a domain name.

The best domain name is a short, creative, and memorable domain name.  I recommend buying a domain name that ends in .com because the majority of people on the internet visit websites that end in .com.

A domain that ends in .net is the next best for your blog.  You can check the availability of your domain name with this tool from Bluehost:

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Step 2: Signing up for web hosting.

There are a wide variety of web hosts to choose from, and they each have slightly different hosting plans.  I would recommend starting out with a shared hosting plan because they generally have the best value.

Bluehost offers shared a basic shared hosting plan for as little $3.95 a month, and this is an excellent plan for starting a blog.

most afforable bluehost plan

Bluehost allows you to pick a free domain name when you sign up with them too!  Please see the below package information that I recommend choosing.

I recommend going with the 36 months account plan because that locks you in to paying the lowest price possible.  Hosting prices at Bluehost do fluctuate from time-to-time, and buying 36 months will serve to be the best deal in the long run.

The domain privacy protection is a must have because it prevents anyone from looking up your contact details for the domain name that you purchase.

package information bluehost plan

Step 3: Installing WordPress

Bluehost provides this great video that will walk you through installing WordPress with their MOJO Marketplace tool:

Step 4: Theming your blog

You’re so close now!  It is time to roll your own theme and customize it to your liking.

WordPress has a ton of free themes that you can choose to install on your site.  You can start looking for a suitable theme here:  If you are in the market for a premium theme or theme that looks similar to what Yummy Life Amy uses then please see these below links:

Chow – Recipe and Food WordPress Theme – This is the theme that this website uses, but we have customized ours.  This theme is super easy to customize!

Food Themes at Theme Forest – Theme Forest has a wide variety of themes for WordPress to choose from.  The support that you get from the theme creators is great!