Hey guys!  If you are looking to try something new that is not just a normal cheesy crusty loaf, then try my recipe!  Let me tell you this loaf will fill you with joy and of course…!  For all of you cheese lovers, it is full of CHEESE!  It will give you that Italian taste you crave from the pizza but you can get it from this recipe.  Cheap….Easy….Creative….and DELICIOUS…!  I created this recipe by myself because one day I felt like I wanted to eat pizza, but I didn’t want to go out and order it.  So I grabbed a loaf in the fridge and thought of doing something new and there you go!

Italian pepperoni cheese bread 2

Look at that Mozzarella Cheese! Mmm… Does that make you hungry yet? I told you we gonna use three cheeses.  For the meatballs, you can season some ground beef and mold it into a ball shape then cook it.  Or you can buy the cooked meatball for your convenience.  I love Italian food, and I believe that a lot of people do as well.  Of course, I am that big fan of Italian food and trying my best to adapt the old into the new just for you and me. 🙂  Now I will show you the pic of the bread before I put it to bake, so you can see what it looks like before it is cooked.

Italian pepperoni cheese bread 3

I guarantee you that this is worth making. Especially if you’re the fan of cheese and pepperoni. 🙂  This recipes will make you fall in love with the aroma of the butter and take you to The Land of Neverending Cheesy goodness!