Pad Thai is one of the most famous Thai food from all around the world and I am sure everyone knows Pad Thai as this is one of the most favourite noodle for everyone.  This recipe has been served in many restaurant and I have always love this noodle since my childhood.  My mother really loves cooking Pad Thai for me and my family as it is easy and full of good nutrition for health.

Although the original Pad Thai will requires a lot of ingredients, some may be difficult to find but here is the easy Pad Thai that I adapt for you so you don’t have to find all the ingredients and it’s so tasty! This is the authentic Pad Thai but with less ingredients for your convenience so you can enjoy your Pad Thai anywhere in the world.

Pad Thai can be your vegan noodle , simply omit the shrimp and use soy sauce instead of fish sauce and you can add more bean sprouts and Tofu for more protein 🙂